Thursday, December 6, 2012

Making doll furniture for American Girl Dolls with my mom!

Since there are not many places in Australia that sell furniture for American Girl sized dolls and it is too much money to send things from America, my mom and I are making stuff. This is our first project. It is a school desk and chairs. I even made the rubbish bin. The book that Harper is holding came with an American Girl backpack set. 

My mom bought a pink hot glue gun. She made the desk by glueing the lid of a pretty (cardboard) storage box on to the box it came with. (We turned the box on its side so the bottom of the box became the back of the desk.) My mom made the chairs out of post-it note holders (turned upside down as the base) and bookends glued to them (as the seat and seat back). If you need more information, just leave a comment and we can answer your questions there!

The photo storage box was $2.00. The Post-It note holders were $2.00 each and the bookends were $2.00 for a set of two. This whole project was only $8.00!

The next project we are going to work on is a clubhouse for the American Girl Dolls. She says that it will take a bit longer for that one.

The notes in italics were made by my mom.


DawnK said...

You and your mom are doing a great job on the American Girl Doll furniture!

Rowanessque said...

Wow thats real neat, as you would say in America, such fantastic designs and what a lovely doll. I had a doll just like that, well not exactly but with my help, Sally could walk, and if you pressed her tummy she could talk. I hope you get lots more comments for this great blog. Love your doggie Chilli too. Best of luck with everything Judy ;) happy building more and more super furniture for your doll.

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