Saturday, April 23, 2011

almost a year

I asked Gemma if she wanted to update her blog as it had been a year since she did anything with it. We had fun this morning picking out the new design and downloading images from her camera.
Since last year she has lost 3 teeth, replaced 2 of those with grown up versions, moved into 1st grade and gotten even better at reading, writing and riding her bike. She plays tennis now (better than I ever will) and will be doing netball and starting circus school to master hula-hooping. Gemma has already had her first sleepover(s) at a friend's house and has her own metro card. She has made great friends here, but still misses her Natalie and Indra back home.  

Gemma had this to say about her blog:

"It has a long time since I put photos on the blog, but I have been taking lots of photos."


these birds were in the neighbor's almond tree

they left their feathers all over our deck. i collected one.

my friend and our moms went out to sushi. they let us go to the bathroom by ourselves. 
i took this picture before we left my house and then we did a video in the sushi bathroom.

If you are a twin, you are not getting into Gemma's room "inless" she says so. And because the twins can't read she did the international symbol of "NO" drawing them in a circle with the line through it. She made sure to sign it with a love heart and an X for a kiss. No hard feelings.

Who knows when Gemma will get more stuff back on here, but she really wants to write about her new dream to be a circus performer...I am sure she will be back to share her favorite videos with this blog soon.


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