Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Her Rainbow Period

Also from a while ago...Gemma was clearly taken with rainbows.  She was finding them everywhere.

My favorite is the first one as I am pretty sure that it is the view from her *uh-hem* potty.

Found On The Card

It has been a while since Gemma last picked up her camera...there were shots on there from a year ago.  Here are a few of them.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Two from the archives

taken with the then family point and shoot camera while having her diaper changed on a transpacific flight when she was one and half years old.
June 11, 2006

taken with the now her very own point and shoot camera the day before the twins came home from the hospital when she was three and a half years old.
July 11, 2008

Just looking through Gemma's flickr sets and these two really stood out to me.  The first shot has no post processing, but the second one was a Lightroom preset.  Gemma is old enough now to edit the photos in Lightroom on her own, but at the time she would sit on my lap at the computer and pick a preset for each of her shots.  That way she could still determine how she wanted the image to look.  I am going to set her up with Photoshop Elements on her laptop and see if she can work with it...otherwise it will be back to Lightroom for her.

welcome to the photo blog by Gemma...

all photos from here on out will be by gemma...this one is by gemma's mom.

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