Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Day Out

Today my teacher was on strike...Pay them more money!!!!! We went to see the Myer windows in the city. I did not take photos of the Christmas windows, but I did take photos of other things in the city. The D200 is a heavy camera. I need a better strap. We went to Starbucks, Hungry Jacks (also known as Burger King in the USA) and Lord of the Fries, it was a junk food day. My mom nearly never lets me have this kind of stuff.

More littleSIDEKLICK photos to come...we are working hard on all the details. Join the Facebook page to be the first to know the latest and how you can get involved! :)


Jen Wright said...

Love these Gem!! You are a great little photographer and I love the way you view the world. Miss you!!! xoxo

Valentina Mantovani said...

Wow Gemma!!! i love the photos!!
i think you are born for be a talented photographer like your mother!!!

xx from italy!

Aimee said...

Great photos! I had no idea Burger King was called other names in other countries.

Kate said...

Love the photos and love you Gemma!

Anonymous said...

Loving the photos Gemma! Specially the last one! Can't wait for christmas!
Have an awesome day sweetie!

Kelly J. R. said...

Gemma, you have a natural eye for beautiful, balanced photos. Well done!

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